Things to do

Discover what to do during your visit

Our customers are looking for a quiet place to rest but also enjoy the location because it allows different mountain activities. These are the most popular activities.

Senderismo en Tejeda Gran Canaria

Discover beautiful trails and enjoy Gran Canaria mountains.


The mountains of Gran Canaria are known to cyclists from all over Europe.


In Tejeda there are many climbing routes, the quality of the stone and the climate make it possible to practice climbing all year round.


Tejeda offers a multitude of perfect places to photograph. The light here is special and that is something that many amateur photographers know about.

Canarian aboriginal caves
Archaeological Tourism

You can enjoy the archeology of the area, discover the ancient Canarian!

Astroturismo en Gran Canaria

Tejeda offers AstroAmateurs a magical, star-filled sky every night.

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